Inviting You For A Transformative Breakthrough Experience

Are you in any of the following financial situations:

– Experiencing money struggles;

– Feeling totally anxious while undergoing career transition;

– Struggling with low confidence about your ability to make money;

– Finding it hard to value your own potential;

– Feeling a sense of panic about launching your coaching/intuitive/holistic business;

– Feeling miserable because you have to cut back on what you used to be able to afford;

– Have problems with attracting clients;

– Facing doubt about manifesting a better job;

– Feeling exhausted from working extremely hard but not making much; or

– Have limiting beliefs about making money?

If so, I could offer some help to you.

You see….I work with those who are struggling with achieving money breakthroughs.

In particular, I specialise with helping working professionals who are in-between jobs or those who are running their own businesses. I help them with mastering their mindsets, so that they can attract the prosperity they deserve.

If you have just left your old job out of dissatisfaction but yet have not found another, you could be currently experiencing a lot of anxiety. Your anxiety levels increase by two-fold especially when you have not been successful at any of the interviews that you have attended. Thus, you have been wondering at your ability to find another job that pays you just as well if not better. An out-of-job situation is not ideal for you for far too long as you have got bills to pay.

If you are in a business that has not gotten off the ground, you could be experiencing a lot of anxiety, exhaustion and dissatisfaction. Months have gone by and you are barely making enough. You are likely to be worried about having trouble paying for your living expenses once your savings dry up. Your heart would wrench when you think about having to sell your soul from being forced to return to a mundane 9-to-5 corporate job, in the event that your business fail to take off. Not to mention having to face all your family and friends in embarrassment!

Or, you could simply be someone who has tremendous challenges with making enough money in a way that feels authentic to you.

Whatever the specific situation is, despite trying to be positive and upbeat, you just can’t stop feeling worried. You are unhappy because you cannot afford to buy the things you want. At the same time, the thought of having to be on a strict budget makes you feel miserable, lousy and poor.

Now, just imagine if you are able to experience the following:

Achieve money breakthroughs;

Feel more confident about your ability to make more money;

Project enough confidence to promote yourself or your services;

Struggle less from working fewer hours for the same level of income;

Attract work that you would love to do and that pays you well;

Attract clients easily and readily;

Attract clients who refer you to their friends in glowing testimonials;

Attract clients who will pay you for what you ask for, instead of haggling over discounts;

Focus on the service that you hope to provide to your clients without having to worry about the money;

Step up to your fullest potential with brilliance and shine!

Well, I totally understand how you feel about experiencing the contrast from your dream life versus the reality of your current situation.

Because it was exactly what happened to me.

Who am I

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Evelyn Lim. If you don’t already know, I quit my fast track career in banking and finance some 12 years ago to become a homemaker.

Gone were the branded handbags, pressed designer suits and corporate perks that I used to enjoy.

However, little did I realize that as soon as I lost a stable income, my self-esteem dropped drastically. It did not matter to me that my husband was able to earn enough for the family. I just could not stop feeling insecure, with the loss of financial independence.

Despite several attempts, I had trouble figuring out what my core issues were at first. It was not the luxury items that I had to give up. Rather, there was an underlying sense of unhappiness that was gnawing at me.

I tried to “will” myself into thinking positively.

Nah….that didn’t work!

A couple of years went by.

I became an online business owner at some point but I continued to be largely unhappy.

Eventually, after trying very hard to get my business off the ground, I realized that the search was not to be an external one.

By then, I was at the peak of my stress.

I suffered from eczema breakouts, had relationship issues with my husband and found myself working very hard but not earning enough.

My discontentment all these years had precipitated in depression, resentment and chaos.

Down on my knees, I had no choice but to try to find myself.

This was when I decided to look inwards.

And so I went on a journey of healing the relationship with myself, loved ones and also money.

For several months, I did intense inner healing work. Amongst others, I used an energy healing tool that allowed me to build a better relationship with myself. This was when I began achieving breakthroughs in my business, work and relationship.

In fact, I felt so inspired that I have since aligned with my purpose of becoming a life coach, author and an intuitive consultant, offering soul readings and energy healing. My clients are people from all over the world and they come from different professions; such as bankers, brokers, energy healers, holistic practitioners, finance professionals, property agents, doctors and so on.

Very importantly, I have been able to make a living from doing work that I love :-) I make an income online. I have also been attracting clients who are spiritually conscious and who would like to align with their higher purpose and make a difference to the world. I am having the business of my dreams.

Interested to find out more about how you can work through your internal issues and reprogram yourself with positive beliefs that help you attract greater business success and overall abundance?

Interested to find out more about how you can create the business of your dreams and attract clients with whom you would love to work with?

Read on about the energy healing tool that I have been using or download a copy of my free report in the sign-up box right at the top of this website!

Tap with Self-Love, Transmute into Brilliance

With the benefit of my personal experiences and having worked with clients, I would like to extend my assistance to others, such as yourself, in the area of money and business too.

Find out what is exactly blocking your way to success and abundance;

Address your limiting beliefs about money;

Confidently charge what you deserve and get it;

Align with abundance consciousness;

Chart a better way forward towards success and abundance;

Build a better relationship with others (including your clients, work partners, suppliers and so on);

Attract clients who simply love you for being “you”;

Attract clients who refer you to their friends in glowing testimonials;

Feel more authentic and less like a fraud while providing your transformational service for others;

Have a waiting list of clients;

Enjoy more fulfillment because you can focus on delivering your service;

Make money from your passion;

Struggle less, earn more and have the lifestyle of your dreams!

I specialize with helping women transform the relationships with themselves, their life and their work.

I help them reawaken into self-love and strengthen their esteem.

“Working with Evelyn has created a real shift in my awareness. As much as one can read about the Law of Attraction, it is all too easy to forget its guiding principles and find oneself thinking about what one hasn’t got. Through my session with Evelyn I really woke up to some of the negative chatter I have going round in my head. I realised that I have numerous blessings – financial and otherwise – to be grateful for. I will remember these each time I think ‘I cannot afford this…’

In addition to this, I am deeply moved by the time and energy Evelyn gave to our call. I felt she was completely in tune with my thinking and knew exactly the right key phrases to use in our tapping rounds. I will continue to work with it in my own tapping. It made me realise what unresolved issues I have and need to work on. I feel now I have greater clarity about my vision for a successful career. I know what small steps to take to move closer to making it a reality.

Finally, I am struck with how practical Evelyn is as well as deeply spiritual. Our conversations have lifted me, made me feel buoyant and gave me laughter. She is a highly gifted woman.”

– Hannah Ida, United Kingdom

I mentor women so that they can courageously make more money and achieve success breakthroughs, while finding fulfillment from the work that they love.

Ultimately, I hope to assist women to “transmute into gold” by shining their authentic brilliance through love and self-awareness.


Here are more testimonials that I had received from the intuitive services that I have been providing…..

“Sincerely appreciate and thankful to have met you. Your gift and talent to help people to understand in-depth of own traits and life lessons is amazing.” – Andelyn Oh, Singapore

“Evelyn’s consult has given me much insight, clarity and validation. Just what I needed at this time in my life. I highly recommend Evelyn’s work; she is professional and gets right to the point. Thank you.” – Anesse, Canada

“An indication of whether something works and resonates with you, is how you feel about it. I am delighted to report that I felt light, refreshed, vindicated and awesome after our session yesterday.” – Luke Elijah, Singapore

Get Help Quickly

If you have already been going round in circles concerning money and business success, then seek help quickly.

There is an opportunity cost to not getting help when you need assistance. I have been stuck previously. And I know this to be true: it is possible to spend months or years without making any breakthrough.

You could end up horribly depressed and very broke, despite working your butt out.

Getting to this point is really not necessary.

Note that you can’t function optimally nor make clear decisions if you are feeling poor and lousy on the inside.

Worse, if you are in a healing or helping profession, you won’t be able to help your clients effectively.

So, change your current situation with making a vibrational shift. Begin to experience a lift in energy when you release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs about making money and achieving business success. If you are a coach, holistic practitioner or intuitive consultant, you become more authentic to the work that you do when you are feeling more successful!

Finally, get to enjoy the soul-inspired business that you have created, making money doing what you love and creating a difference in the lives of your clients!

Raise your Self-Love Quotient!

Shift into Greater Alignment with Divine Abundance!

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
— Louisa May Alcott

Either work with me or contact me, if you have further queries, right now!

Love and abundance always,

Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Vision Board Counselor, Intuitive Consultant (Akashic Records Reader), Author.